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Safe Creative Community Space

A safe, welcoming neighborhood space for art, entertainment, and learning in a beautiful, bountiful garden powered by Teens With a Purpose since 2017. 


Teens With a Purpose

A Creative Youth Development Organization whose mission is to create a platform to empower young people to use their voice creativity, reflection, and actions to affect personal growth and positively impact their peers and to help transform their communities.


Grow and Nurture Community
The SCCS is a project in motion.  It will continue to grow and evolve as a safe, healthy environment that nurtures creativity through cultural expression in performance poetry, visual and performing arts, and community gardening with activities that are educational, relevant and fun for all ages, year-round in the garden, outdoor classrooms and on the stage.  Members of the surrounding community are encouraged to be a part of this rich experience, enjoy working in the garden, sharing the harvest, and attending the weeknight and weekend programs.  Everyone is invited to share your time, talent, and treasure to this worthy venture.  

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